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“Your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run a theatre was second to none”

BLOG – a tribute to the late Nicola Thorold

Dear Nicola,

I first knew you by reputation when you were at the Independent Theatre Council. I admired your work at Arts Council England where you were Head of Theatre. I was lucky enough to work with you directly when you were a trustee of Battersea Arts Centre for five years. And then perhaps most closely through your inspired leadership of the What Next? movement.

Being a trustee of any charity can be super-challenging, especially trying to balance support for the executive team with robust interrogation. You not only balanced these two things with ease but you also brought memorable warmth, kindness and humanity to your role as a trustee. Your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run a theatre was second to none. You made a huge contribution to Battersea Arts Centre during a time of development and change, both as a member of our main board and our finance sub-group.

While I appreciated your professional wisdom, foresight and mental agility in Battersea, I perhaps most appreciated your company. Your gentle, fun and open-minded presence. Across a crowded room full of arty types at some do or other you were someone who made everyone you spoke to feel at home.

I hope I said most of this to you over the years and if I didn’t then I’m an idiot. You will be hugely missed by so many so often. Everyone at Battersea Arts Centre offers you huge thanks and a great deal of love and affection. Much love, David

28 June 2016

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